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Water Filter Tips for Long Land Travels

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Clean drinking water while traveling is not always a guarantee, especially when different regions of the world or even within the same country have different standards or methods for cleaning water. Local water sources can contain everything from parasites to bacteria to harmful metals that are invisible to the naked eye. When you can’t always buy bottled, products like a travel Berkey are a reliable way to filter and clean any source of water to make it suitable for drinking.

Whether you are backpacking outdoors or road tripping across the country, these are some water filter tips to get clean drinking water on the go.

1. Always Carry a Refillable Water Bottle With You

When you are trying to ensure that you have good clean water in an area where it is not a given, it is important that you keep a reusable water filter on you if your water filtration system is in use at the same time. Use the water bottle to hold your drinking water while the filter is cleaning additional water for you so that you always have some on hand for drinking, cooking, and washing.

2. Choose a Water Filter That Works in All Environments

While one type of water filter might be great for use at home, that does not mean it is the best option for the road or the outdoors. Take a look at how each water filter works and what setup is required in order for it to clean water and then choose based on where and how you will be using your water filter for the majority of the time.

3. Consider a Protective Case


A water filter is an investment, so you will naturally want to protect it. More than that though, you want to ensure the cleanliness of the tools that are going to be providing you with clean water, so a sleeve, case, or bag that you can keep your water filter in while it is not in use is a great idea.

4. Filter Tap Water Too

Most people assume that all tap water is okay to drink or use in ways that we will eventually consume, but that isn’t always the case. Many areas of the world provide tap water, but it isn’t always clean. Filter tap water whether you are using it as drinking water or to wash food, brush your teeth, or otherwise consume. Make sure you do this wherever you are in order to prevent illness.

5. Filter Natural Sources of Water

No matter how pure and untouched a natural source of water appears, you should filter it as well. While our drinking water comes directly from natural sources around the world, it is filtered and purified to ensure good health. If you are camping, hiking, or find yourself needing to use natural sources of water for drinking water, filter it first to remove any bacteria, debris, or chemicals that can be found in water sources all around the world.

6. Only Filter What You Can Carry


It is important to only filter and carry as much water as you are able to comfortably hold. There will always be another source of water to filter, and burdening yourself with large amounts of water can be dangerous or cause injury. Concentrate on providing yourself with sufficient amounts of water for a period of time if you are on a long trip rather than trying to filter and carry the entire amount of water you need over the entire duration of your trip.

7. Shop For What You Know You Need

Much in the same way you should only filter and carry what you need, and shop for what you will be using, shop for what you know you need. We have the tendency to overbuy or go in on all the options even though we won’t be needing them in the near future or ever. If you are planning on traveling through a part of the world where the water sources are far and few in between as well as unfiltered, then you need to shop for that situation. If however, you just want to ensure your drinking water is as clean as possible while traveling and refilling from drinking fountains, a much different water filter system is needed.


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