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How to Find Jiangmen’s Hidden Waterfall

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This place is easily the most amazing hidden gem we’ve found near our home in Zhuhai, China.  The water in the swimming hole is the most amazing shade of turquoise blue and absolutely crystal clear.  This incredible waterfall flows from a spring on top of the mountain, splashing down into a large swimming hole deep enough to jump into from the rocks 5+ meters above the pool.  The cool spring water makes it a perfect spot for escaping Zhuhai’s unbearable summer heat.

Water flows down the rocks at the entrance to the pool forming a chain of smaller rock pools that cascade down the mountain.  The sight is simply breathtaking, and an amazing spot to reconnect with nature in the ever-bustling metropolis that is China.  It’s one of the few hikes in the Zhuhai area where your view is not of the city, but the surrounding mountains, and where the real jungle replaces the concrete.

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How to Get There?

The hike starts in the village of Jin Xing Cun 金星村 in Jiangmen 江门, a 45-minute drive from Zhuhai City.  It’s easiest to hire a private driver to take you there if you don’t have your own form of transportation.

How to Find the Waterfall

When you get to the village you’ll see a basketball court that you can park in (it’s not usually covered in rice).

It’s an hour long hike from the village to the waterfall.  The trail is not marked, so getting there will take a bit of trial and error without a friend to guide you, but for those adventurous enough to try it on your own, we’ll give you some directions.

1) Walk straight back into the village.  Once out of the village itself you will come to a small farm.

2) When the pavement ends and starts to circle back towards the village, take the dirt path on your right.

Turn right down the dirt path.

3) Turn slightly left at the fork (if you go the wrong way the path just leads up to the farmer’s house and stops, so no biggie, just turn around and head the other way)

Take the left-most fork.
When you get closer it’ll look like this. Take the path where the motorcycle is driving in this photo.

4) Walk by the pond, during which time you might get your shoes wet if the water is running over the path.  At the fork, turn right.

During the rainy season, this path will be covered in water. After crossing the pond, turn right.

5) You will walk in between some goose and duck farms.  Keep going straight following the main path until you come to a large building directly in front of you.

Stay left, the sign on the right just points to a parking lot.
Stay straight/left on the main trail, you can see the building behind the trees just up ahead.

6) Take the path to the left once you see the building.


7) After a few meters, turn right onto the side path with the huge pile of trash (so sad that that is even an indicator of which way the trail goes)

Turn right here where you see Justin.

8) At the trash pile, step up onto the stone ledge and walk along it for a few steps until you spot a dirt path to the right.

Walk along the ledge next to that wall in the background.
Step off the ledge onto this dirt path.

9) You will end up at a stream, which you need to cross using the rocks as stepping stones.  Just go straight across. (There are rock pools down here as well if you want to check them out first)


You’re aiming for that dirt path at the edge of the stream right in the middle of the photo.

10) Once on the other side take the dirt path to the left that follows the stream up the mountain.

You’ll see some red and yellow ribbons sporadically marking the trail as you go up.


The trail begins to widen as you get further up the mountain.

11) When you come to the T intersection (it’s very obvious with a wide dirt trail), turn left.

The T intersection, where you’ll turn left.
The view, just after you turn.

12) The path will follow the water channel on your right, eventually turning into a narrow concrete ledge.


13) The ledge ends at the start of the waterfalls, where you’ll walk up the rocks.

Justin, pointing the way.

14) Walk up the rocks until it ends at a small waterfall and swimming hole.


The small waterfall and swimming hole.

15) At the small waterfall/swimming hole, turn right, step over the stream, and walk along the rock ledge above the pool.

Step over the stream here and climb up towards that sign pole.
Turn left at the sign pole and walk along this rock ledge.

16) The big waterfall and swimming hole are right around the corner.  Stop here for a swim and a picnic, following which you can either continue hiking on the path to the right (into the woods) or head back the way you came.

The big waterfall and swimming hole.

There is little in the way of food in the village where the waterfall is, so I would suggest you pack a lunch or bring some snacks.  The village where the hike starts from has a small shop where you can buy some drinks and snacks if needed.

Be sure to jump in and test out the water!

If you come to Zhuhai make sure to check out this hike and let us know what you think!


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Waterfall | Hiking | China Travel | Jiangmen | Hidden Waterfall | Waterfall Hike | China Hiking | Zhuhai

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  1. Marilyn Duppenthaler

    Wow! It is so great to see someone sharing information instead of keeping it a secret! Thanks for being a sharer:-)

    1. Cara Crawford

      You’re very welcome! Next time we will make sure to take pictures of the location markers for the trail to make it easier to find.

  2. Aileen Coward

    Just read this musing. What a beautiful site! I love waterfalls! I am thankful you live across the world from us in the USA? I live vicariously through your adventures. And reading about them always lets me know what a sheltered life I live but reminds me of how much beauty is out there all over the world. Thank you Cara and Justin for putting a big smile on your Aunt’s face. I love you both xoxo

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